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The Bucharest International Energy Charter Forum will be held on 6-7 June 2018 in Romania's capital. The Form titled; Energy Efficiency: A priority in combating energy poverty and providing access to affordable energy services for all - is Jointly organised by the International Energy Charter and the Government of Romania.


Beginning on 1 January 2018, Romania will assume the Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference for the year. Mr. Robert TUDORACHE (State Secretary, Ministry of Energy Romania) has been appointed as the Chair of the Conference. Vice-Chairs will be Ms. Elena POPESCU (Romania), Mr. Vepa HAJIYEV (Turkmenistan), and Ms. Dorina CINARI (Albania).

Information about the claims has been compiled on the basis of public sources, including specialized reporting services. Since 2001, when the first case invoking ECT was registered, the Energy Charter Secretariat tracked 114 publicly known investment arbitration cases where the ECT was invoked (sometimes together with a BIT). As arbitrations can be kept confidential, the actual number of disputes...

The Technical Subgroup on Transit held its first meeting on 16 May 2018. The Subgroup was established in 2017 to support the Implementation Group by setting out policy recommendations on facilitating and securing energy transit. The Subgroup brings together the representatives of the oil, gas and electricity industry from the Energy Charter Contracting Parties as well as Industrial Advisory Panel...




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