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Subgroup on Modernisation

The Strategy Group at its meeting on 19-20 October 2017 approved:

  • to start discussions on the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty and to include it into the Programme of Work for 2018-2019,
  • to have open consultation with the industry and Observers,
  • to create a subgroup to conduct such discussions and to keep the proposed deadline of the 2019 review.

The Chair also requested the Secretariat to prepare a strategic paper on the topics that could be put forward for the open consultation and the revised timeline.

The Energy Charter Conference at its 28th Meeting held on 28-29 November 2017 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, approved the timeline for the discussion on modernisation during 2018 and the document to be used for the open consultation with Observers and the industry (see Conference Decision CCDEC201723).