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Implementation Group

The Implementation Group, under the supervision of the Energy Charter Conference, is the institutional body for the discussion of the implementation of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). Its main tasks are:

  • Monitor and assist in the implementation of the Energy Charter Treaty and its related instruments and suggest recommendations on further steps to improve compliance.
  • Facilitate the discussion on promoting and securing cross-border energy flows based on the principles and provisions of the ECT and related instruments, including the elaboration of pertinent agreements.
  • Promote and facilitate the development of open, competitive and efficient markets and well-designed complementary policies and measures in order to remove potential obstacles to energy transit, sustainable energy investment, including energy efficiency, and access to energy. 
  • Facilitate the implementation and improvement of the investment protection under the ECT and related instruments.
  • Report to the Charter Conference on progress of implementation of the Energy Charter Treaty and the Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA) every year. 
  • Review and discuss accession reports to the ECT.


Chair: Ms. Klara Rakhmetova (Kazakhstan)

Vice-Chair: Mr. Parviz Garibzade (Azerbaijan)

Vice-Chair: Mr. Johan Vetlesen (Norway)