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Washington World Gas Conference 2018

The World Gas Conference, a triennial event conducted by the International Gas Union, is one of the most important gatherings of policymakers, buyers, sellers, and experts in the global gas industry. The 2018 Washington edition gathered 2,200 participants and 300 companies during the week of 25-29 June 2018. 

The Energy Charter Secretariat, represented by Dr Ernesto Bonafé, Head of the Expansion Unit, was invited to speak in the panel devoted to “Best practices in governance and regulation.” One of the issues widely discussed at the conference was the implication of current global trade disputes on the gas market, which according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) is expected to grow by an average of 1.6 per cent a year until 2023. The International Energy Charter appears as a suitable benchmark of market-based principles to inspire a fair and attractive investment climate in the natural gas industry and the energy sector in general in its path to a sustainable energy future.

Dr Bonafé held a meeting at the Bureau of Energy Resources, US Department of State, to discuss their participation in the Energy Charter Process, such as the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty and the Bucharest Energy Charter Ministerial Conference in November 2018. Furthermore, he discussed the Charter’s activities in Sub-Saharan Africa with delegates of USAID Power Africa. Additionally, he attended the discussion by the European Union Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, at the Atlantic Council’s conference on the topic “Towards 21st Century Energy Systems in Central & Eastern Europe.”