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The International Energy Charter contributes to the Global Forum on Energy Security in Beijing

On Monday 26 June 2017, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences hosted the Global Forum on Energy Security in Beijing, China. Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák delivered a keynote speech devoted to the topic “Energy in transition: Toward collective energy security”. The topic highlighted the particular importance of cooperation among countries which may have diverging interests regarding energy security, and that countries can still strive for "win-win" situations without sacrificing their own energy security matters.

On the margin of the Forum, Dr Rusnák spoke with Ms Robin Dunnigan, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Bureau of Energy Resources, who welcomed the Energy Charter Diplomatic Dialogues initiative, which is an initiative that brings together energy diplomats from producing, consuming, transit, and energy deprived countries. The Secretary General also met the President of the Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI), Mr Xie Qiuye. In September the EPPEI will host a meeting of the Energy Charter Industrial Advisory Panel, paving the way for further industrial engagement in the region.

Dr Rusnák also had the opportunity to meet Mr Guo Xuejun, Counselor of the Department of International Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. The discussion focused on the accession process to the Energy Charter Treaty and on the establishment of the Energy Charter Diplomatic Dialogues initiative.

The Energy Charter delegation to China was headed by Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák and integrated by the  National Energy Administration (China) seconded expert Mr Xiang Li and the Secretariat Expansion Coordinator Dr Ernesto Bonafé.