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The International Energy Charter conducts high-level bilateral meetings in China

The International Energy Charter participated in the Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference and International Forum on Energy Transitions, held in Suzhou City, China. The event provided an opportunity for high-level officials to meet and discuss energy cooperation related to the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Energy Charter Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák addressed the meeting on the topic of Energy Investment Facilitation and later took the opportunity to have a number of bilateral meetings on the margins to discuss energy matters related to Members and Observers of the Energy Charter Conference. The Secretary-General spoke with Azerbaijan’s Minister of Energy, Parviz Shahbazov where the Minister highlighted potential priorities for the Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference in 2020 which will likely include energy efficiency, renewables and completion of the Southern Gas Corridor. 

In his meeting with Dr Rusnák, Afghanistan’s Minister of Energy and Water, H.E. M. Gul Khulmi spoke of the rise of investments in generation and transit projects. The Minister expressed gratitude for the work done by the Energy Charter Secretariat on #EIRA2018 which Afghanistan was a participating country and welcomed further collaboration in the future.

Dr Rusnák met with Pakistan’s Minister of Power, H.E. Omar Ayub Khan. The Minster mentioned the Government’s readiness to re-examine the ratification of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) in new conditions which could boost investor confidence and bring broader benefits to the country.

Niger’s Minister of Energy H.E. Amina Moumouni met with the Secretary-General and mentioned that Niger is assessing the next steps in the accession process to the ECT. Dr Rusnák assured the Minister that the Energy Charter Secretariat is ready to provide all necessary support bilaterally and in the regional context of energy cooperation with ECOWAS.

Dr Rusnák also had a bilateral with Myanmar’s Minister of Electricity & Energy, H.E. U Win Khang. Myanmar is currently interested in FDI to the energy sector especially to increase its current electrification rate. Cross-border interconnections and trade are essential parts of the plan that the Energy Charter may be able assist.

The Secretary-General also met with the Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference Mr Robert Tudorache (State Secretary of Romania); Mr Joseph Mizzi, Minister for Energy and Water Management Malta; Mr Bakheet Al-Rashidi, Minister of Oil Kuwait; Mr Khammany Inthirath, Minister of Energy and Mines Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Mr Xiansheng Sun, Secretary General IEF; Mr Jamseid Shoimov, Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources Tajikistan; and Mr Tomonori Kawamura, Deputy Director International Affairs Division (METI) Japan

SG & Minister U Win Khang, Myanmar

Minister Omar Ayub Khan Pakistan & SG

Minister Amina Moumouni of Niger

Minister Gul Khulmi, Afghanistan & SG

SG & Minister Shahbazov, Azerbaijan