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The energy committee of the Jordanian Parliament visits the Energy Charter Secretariat

On 11-12 September 2017, two members of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Jordan visited the Energy Charter Secretariat in order to benefit from a sequence of in depth and specialised briefings on the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). The two visiting Jordanian MPs - H.E. Ali Alkhalaileh and H.E. Haitham Alzaidin – were the respective Chairman and Rapporteur  of the Parliament’s Energy Committee. The Jordanian delegation also included a Parliamentary administrator and diplomat from the Jordanian Mission to the EU in Brussels. 

Jordan is in an advanced stage of ECT ratification with the government already having made its endorsements and sent the dossier to the national parliament for further scrutiny. It is expected that, following the opening of the next Jordanian parliamentary session on October 20 of this year, Jordan’s ratification of the ECT will be actively discussed in parliament within the subsequent 30 days. 

The purpose of the visit of the Jordanian parliamentary delegation to Brussels was to allow two of Jordan’s top law-makers to gain in depth knowledge about the ECT. This will subsequently allow the Jordanian Parliament to conduct a healthy, well informed debate as to whether ratification of the Treaty will be in the interest of the Jordanian people, whom the MPs ultimately represent. 

This two day initiative was overseen on behalf of the Secretariat by Dr Marat Terterov, Principal Coordinator of the Knowledge Centre. The initiative was the first time that the Secretariat has witnessed the working visit of such high level officials and energy sector law markers from the Kingdom of Jordan in what was in the end a highly focused training and educational program on the ECT. The full agenda of the two day working program is available here.