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The EIRA fact-finding mission continues in Senegal

A team from the Energy Charter Secretariat travelled to Dakar, Senegal, on a fact-finding mission to collect information that will be used for the Energy Investment Risk Assessment report 2018. The primary objective of the fact-finding missions is to obtain an overview of relevant stakeholders (government, the private sector, financial sector, legal practitioners) and their mandates and capacities.

The Secretariat’s team gathered information on policy, legal and regulatory environment of the country, particularly about the energy sector’s advantages and constraints, enabling the validation of data and the preparation of a comprehensive energy investment risk assessment of Senegal. 

EIRA 2018 will evaluate 30 countries. The findings will be elaborated in the final publication to be released later this year. With this new publication, the Energy Charter Secretariat hopes to contribute to lowering investment risks and barriers, which might be detrimental to the investment climate of the participating countries.