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The 2018 Global Energy Interconnection Conference begins in Beijing

The Global Energy Interconnection Conference is taking place in Beijing from the 28-29 March 2018. The event is hosted by the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) and the theme is on Global Energy Interconnection: from China’s initiative to Global Action

This high level event brings representatives from governments, international organizations, universities and research institutes, energy enterprises, and financial institutions together for discussions regarding global energy connectivity. Energy Charter Secretary-General, Dr Urban Rusnák delivered a Keynote speech during the event to elaborate on the contributions of the Energy Charter Treaty to cross-border energy cooperation in the field of investment and transit of energy. See full speech here

Dr Rusnák described the history of the Energy Charter process and how since the beginning the Treaty has promoted the trade and transit of energy goods, services, and technology. The Treaty has facilitated the unhindered flow of energy transit, advocated strategies of energy efficiency and environmental protection and assisted states and investors to address their contradictions and disputes. 

This topic is of particular importance to China as it works toward addressing crucial questions regarding the expansion of its energy sector while at the same time balancing its need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.