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Secretary General in Tehran at a high level summit on energy

On 30 May 2016, the Energy Charter Secretary General, Dr Urban Rusnák, has opened the 11th international Energy Conference of Tehran with the Iranian Minister of Energy H.E. Mr H. Chitchian. Dr Rusnák highlighted the need for an improved climate for foreign investments in the energy sector in Iran. He referred to the International Energy Charter as a suitable and relevant instrument for Iran's international energy relations.  He also spoke of the broader concept of energy security in terms of:

  • security of demand,
  • security of supply,
  • security of transit,
  • and the absence of energy poverty. 

Minister Chitchian and Dr Rusnák both highlighted the key challenges facing Iran in the post sanctions period, with a particular focus to its energy sector, and the required modernisation of its energy infrastructure. The Energy Charter Process could provide an important platform for much needed regional energy cooperation in the Middle East and Caspian region.