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Secretary General Dr. Rusnák meets with Kazakhstan Energy Minister Shkolnik

On 25 November 2014 the Secretary General Dr. Rusnák met with the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Mr. Vladimir Shkolnik and the Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference Mr. Uzakbay Karabalin  in Astana.

The parties discussed preparations towards the upcoming 25th meeting of the Energy Charter Conference and bilateral cooperation with Kazakhstan.

Minister Shkolnik welcomed all delegations arriving to Astana for the Conference Meeting on 26-27 November and expressed wishes for a very successful event. Kazakhstan is proud to host the Conference Meeting which will include a Ministerial Session focussing on the development of transit corridors in the context of global energy security.

Minister Shkolnik underlined the growing importance of energy efficiency for Kazakhstan, which is one of the core activities of the Energy Charter, along with investment protection, energy trade and transit. The Minister called to enhance activities of the Energy Charter with regard to energy efficiency and general efforts to eradicate so-called "energy cannibalism". It was underlined that improvements in energy efficiency and saved energy were good for the population, the economy and the environment. Minister Shkolnik and Secretary General Rusnák discussed future cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Charter, including the possibility of organising an Energy Charter Forum in Almaty in 2015.