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Secretary General Dr Rusnák holds high level meetings with the Government of Kenya

The Energy Charter Secretary General, Dr Urban Rusnák, visited Kenya’s capital Nairobi on 29 August 2016 to hold high level meetings with the Government officials. Kenya is the largest economy by GDP in Central and Eastern Africa where Nairobi stands out as a regional commercial hub. A member of the East African Community, Kenya expressed interest in the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) in the light of its reform agenda to further attract foreign direct investment in its energy sector. In this perspective, the Tokyo International Conference for Africa Development (TICAD) Conference was key to invite Kenya to become a signatory of the International Energy Charter, thereby achieving observer status to the Energy Charter Conference.

The Secretary General and his delegation held fruitful meetings with the Attorney General of the Office of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice of Kenya, Mr Githu Muigai, and the Principal Secretary of the State Department of Petroleum of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of Kenya, Mr Andrew N. Kamau. The Secretary General also met with Dr Amina Mohamed from the Cabinet Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya. During these meetings, the Energy Charter Delegation and Kenyan officials discussed the benefits of the ECT for Kenya’s reform agenda, taking into consideration multinational energy projects and pipelines interconnected with neighboring countries. The Secretariat will continue to assist the Government of Kenya in its accession to the Energy Charter Process.

Secretary General Dr Rusnak and Attorney General Mr Githu Muigai

Energy Charter Delegation and Principal Secretary Mr Andrew N. Kamau