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RECA Taskforce meets in Ashgabat

The Regional Energy Cooperation in Central and South Asia (RECA) Taskforce held its 15 meeting in Ashgabat Turkmenistan on 26-28 March 2019. The meeting was organised by the Energy Charter Secretariat, with the principal support of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs Energy of Turkmenistan and in partnership with the Energy Links USAID Project for Central Asia.

The RECA Taskforce has been meeting regularly on an annual and semi-annual basis since 2007, in a rotating fashion in capitals of Central Asian states. The main purpose of RECA meetings is to promote energy cooperation in Central and South Asia through knowledge and information-sharing and capacity building. The 15th Meeting of the Taskforce, was devoted to an update by the countries regarding the latest developments in the electricity sectors, markets, trade, transit, and tariffs. Deviating from the traditional agenda, one session of the Meeting was dedicated to renewables and associated matters such as feed-in tariffs, stimulation, power purchase agreements, energy auctions, new projects and potential in the region.

The 15th Meeting attracted fifteen speakers from relevant agencies of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as well as representatives from the CIS Power Council (an observer organization to the ECT) and donor projects in the region (USAID, CAREC).