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No contradiction between the Energy Charter Treaty and legislation of Jordan

During discussion on accession to the Energy Charter Treaty in the Parliament of Jordan, the Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Ra’ed Al-Khalayleh said that there was no contradiction between the Energy Charter Treaty and the legislation of Jordan. Furthermore, Jordan will retain all rights and privileges within the energy sector.

Mr. Al-Khalayleh added: "we consider that the Energy Charter Treaty will be a great achievement for Jordan", pointing out that the Committee considers that the Treaty will enhance confidence in the investment climate in the energy sector and attract foreign investments for infrastructure projects in this field.

Also, the Energy Charter Treaty will strength the Kingdom’s position as a transit country for energy projects, where transit across its borders is secure and stable, especially oil and gas pipelines and electricity interconnection projects. 

In addition, the Treaty will facilitate through the Energy Charter Secretariat the technical assistance in the energy sector.