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New Energy Charter Liaison Embassies established in Pakistan and Iran

Poland has designated its Embassies in Islamabad and Tehran as Energy Charter Liaison Embassies (ECLE). The Energy Charter Secretariat is grateful to Poland for its assistance in developing cooperation and involving Pakistan and Iran in the Energy Charter Process.

The establishment of ECLEs in Islamabad and Tehran was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland during a bilateral meeting with Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák which took place on 23rd March 2017 in the margins of the Industry Advisory Panel meeting in Warsaw. 

The objective of the Energy Charter's expansion and outreach policy is the growth of the geographic coverage of the Energy Charter Treaty in the mutual interests of current Energy Charter Treaty members and acceding states. The implementation of this policy is considered the shared responsibility of Energy Charter Treaty members and the Energy Charter Secretariat.

With the Secretariat's assistance, the Energy Charter Treaty members provide their political support, either in the form of direct engagement with relevant countries or designating Energy Charter Liaison Embassies on a voluntary basis. Member governments contribute to the promotion of Charter principles, develop cooperation with ECLE host countries in areas covered by the Energy Charter Treaty and encourage these countries to accede to the Treaty.

With the ECLEs in Pakistan and Tehran, there are now nine Energy Charter Liaison Embassies established: Click here to see all ECLEs