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Modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty discussed in Astana

At the initiative of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák and his staff held a seminar-type meeting devoted to the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) on 18 February 2019 in Astana. Organised by the Ministry of Energy, it was designed to bring an understanding about the ECT modernisation process. 

The event was attended by representatives of key state bodies and entities of Kazakhstan with a particular relevance to the energy sector and included a number of departments of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, national oil and gas exploration, production and transportation companies, Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company, Samruk National Welfare Fund, and Kazenergy Association. 

The Energy Charter Secretariat team made an overview of the legal background of the modernisation process and explained the modalities of this year’s procedures related thereto. The participants had an opportunity to ask questions, which developed into what appeared to be a useful and insightful discussion on most relevant topics for Kazakhstan.