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Korean delegation in a visit to the Energy Charter Secretariat

On 2 November 2018, a visiting group of 20+ municipal government officials from the city of Pochun in South Korea visited the Energy Charter Secretariat in order to receive a briefing on energy, climate and the environment. The Korean officials were in Brussels as part of a wider-study tour of renewable energy activities in North West Europe, where they also met with energy stakeholders in France and the Netherlands. Energy Charter Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák, delivered a welcome speech to the group in which he briefly explained the fundamental pillars of the Energy Charter Process to the visiting group. 

Following Dr Rusnák's speech, Dr Marat Terterov, Principal Coordinator of the Knowledge Centre at the Secretariat, delivered a detailed presentation about some of the key global energy challenges faced by humanity at the present time. Workshop participants then engaged in an interactive discussion about how the Energy Charter works with countries in order to tackle these challenges, policy support instruments provided by the Secretariat to member states and observers, including the training of governments officials, among other related topics. The Republic of Korean is an observer of the Energy Charter Treaty and participates in the Energy Charter Process.