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International Energy Charter welcomes new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Conference

The International Energy Charter would like to welcome the new Energy Charter Conference Chairperson, HE Ms Belinda Balluku who was nominated by the Albanian Government and approved by the Conference on 20 February 2019. Ms Balluku is the current Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania. The Government also nominated the current Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr Ilir Bejtja, to serve as Vice Chairperson. Mr Bejtja was approved on 2 March 2019 by the Conference.

In 2019, Albania assumed the role of Chair of the Conference which is the governing and decision-making body for the Energy Charter process. The government has expressed interest in advancing the development of a low-carbon society and views the energy transition as especially important.

The priorities for the country in 2019 will focus on improving governance for energy efficiency, promoting deployment of renewable energy, facilitating regional connectivity, and transit & energy market integration. These topics will be the focus for the 30th Ministerial Meeting of the Energy Charter Conference to be held in Tirana on 10-11 December 2019. Under the Chairmanship, Albania also looks to host the International Energy Charter Forum on Diversification of Energy Sources, Renewables and Energy Efficiency in 2019.