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International Energy Charter supports private-sector led Growth

A Workshop for Afghanistan Private Sector on WTO Membership Benefits and Resources Available Adjacent to the Geneva Conference, took place on 28 November 2018, in Geneva, Switzerland. The Workshop was organised by the Commercial Law Development Programme of the US State Department of Commerce, USAID and the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the WTO. The target audience was private stakeholders from different sectors, including energy. The discussion centred on the removal of legal and regulatory barriers to investment in Afghanistan as well as on financial reform initiatives needed for attracting investment 

In her intervention at the workshop, Ms Ishita Pant of the Secretariat’s Investment Unit explained to the participants the Energy Charter Process and how the Secretariat can assist countries in making smart regulatory choices in times of energy transition. This is particularly relevant in the context of Afghanistan, which has massive solar, hydro and wind resources at its disposal waiting to be exploited. She also discussed the EIRA project, reporting on the profile of Afghanistan and the highlights of the country’s performance based on the results obtained in the course of the 2018 EIRA project cycle. Closing remarks were provided by Hon. Mr. Mohammad Qurban HAQJO, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Afghanistan Mission to the WTO. In his address, he thanked the Secretariat for its contribution and highlighted the significant role intergovernmental organisations, such as the International Energy Charter, can play in encouraging cross-border cooperation for Afghanistan.