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International Energy Charter addressed at XI. ASIER Conference in Argentina

On 23-25 November 2016, the XI. Conference of the Iberoamerican Association on Regulatory Studies (ASIER) was held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, in Buenos Aires. The forum was attended by Argentinian ministers, executive officers, lawyers and experts from Iberoamerica. During this Conference, 120 speakers addressed different topics on economy, infrastructure, energy, utilities and public services in Iberoamerica.

The relevance of the International Energy Charter was explained in three speeches: 

Dr Víctor Hernández Mendible, professor at University Externado of Colombia, presented "Towards an Energiarum Codex: From the Energy Charter Treaty to the International Energy Charter", introducing the background and basis of the Energy Charter Process.

Dr Vicente López-Ibor, chairman of Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd and president of Spanish energy law firm, Estudio Jurídico Internacional Lopez-Ibor Mayor & Asociados (EJI), analysed the "Balance of renewable energies in Iberoamerica" and highlighted three relevant facts featuring the global energy sector: energy decarbonisation, demand response encouraged by technology and the Energy Charter Treaty.

Dr Margarita Nieves Zárate, former secondee to the Energy Charter Secretariat and legal expert at the National Hydrocarbons Agency of Colombia made a presentation on "Energy Integration in Latin America", emphasising the relevance of the Energy Charter Treaty for Latin America in order to attract foreign direct investments to the energy sector, including intra-regional investments, and foster cross-border energy trade.

From Iberoamerica, Spain and Portugal are member countries to the legally-binding Energy Charter Treaty of 1994. Colombia, Chile and recently Guatemala are observer countries having signed the non-legally binding political declaration International Energy Charter of 2015. As set in the Tokyo Declaration adopted in Japan on 25 November 2016, both the Energy Charter Treaty and the International Energy Charter are important instruments to enhance the rule of law and promote cooperation between producing, transit and consuming countries as well as universal energy access.

The XII. meeting of ASIER will be held in Costa Rica in 2017.

Dr Víctor Hernández Mendible from Venezuela

Dr Vicente López-Ibor from Spain