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Implementation Group sets up transit subgroup and discusses modernisation of the ECT

On 1 February 2018, the Energy Charter Secretariat hosted its first meeting of the Implementation Group for 2018. The Implementation Group had substantial discussions on soft law instruments and agreed that a Technical subgroup on transit could best address these issues. The Group approved the nomination of Ms Klara Rakhmetova from the Republic of Kazakhstan as the Chair of the subgroup and invited the delegations to submit their nominations for a Vice-chair. The Technical subgroup will convene in May 2018 to address the topics of access to infrastructure, transit tariffs and update of Model Agreements.

Delegates’ discussions also focused on the provisions of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) with attention to their treatment of sustainable energy resources.  Delegates considered the need for introducing updates or changes to the ECT or the Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA) and discussions continue.

During the meeting, the Energy Charter Secretariat also presented a progress report on the Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) report and discussed its programme of work for the year ahead.

Implementation group Vice-Chair: Mr. Johan Vetlesen (Norway)