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Implementation Group discusses new flagship publication on energy investment risks

On 6 July, the Energy Charter Secretariat hosted the fourth meeting of the Implementation Group in 2018. Under the leadership of Chair Ms Klara Rakhmetova from the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Group discussed the perspectives for the new flagship publication of the Energy Charter Secretariat, the Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) project. Mr David Kramer, Head of Unit for Investment, described the progress and gave an outlook for future editions. The first public edition of EIRA will contain 30 country profiles and is due to be launched on 1 October 2018, in Brussels.

The Implementation Group also addressed other investment-related topics. The delegates were informed about the deepening relationship with The Gambia, Nigeria and Uganda. Delegates from Nigeria and Uganda presented main conclusions based on their work on upcoming Energy Charter Treaty accession reports on investment climate and exceptions to national treatment.

In addition, the delegates looked back on the conclusions of the Bucharest International Energy Charter Forum, which took place on 6-7 June 2018. The forum was hosted by Romania’s Minister of Energy H.E. Anton Anton. It carried the theme: “Energy Efficiency: A priority in combating energy poverty and providing access to affordable energy services for all” and can be seen as one the highlights of Romania’s 2018 Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference

Following this, Mr Enea Karakaci, director at Albania’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and representative of the incoming Albanian Chairmanship 2019, unfolded the main topics to be addressed in coming year’s Chairmanship and requested the delegates to reflect on the outlined priorities.