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High level information workshop on the Energy Charter Treaty held for the first time in Islamabad, Pakistan

Energy transit, dispute resolution and investment protection under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) were the key themes addressed during a workshop jointly organized by the Energy Charter Secretariat and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan and held at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on June 5, 2017.  

The workshop was opened by His Excellency Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan Mr. Shahid Abbasi and by the Ambassadors of Turkey, Poland, and Turkmenistan.  As Pakistan has been an observer to the ECT for more than a decade, the purpose of the workshop was to stimulate an open discussion within Pakistan about the country’s ECT accession prospects. The workshop could also help define the future relationship of Pakistan with the International Energy Charter.  

The panel discussion was attended by almost forty representatives of various state sector stakeholder agencies and private sector entities, and was led by Energy Charter Secretariat officials Dr Marat Terterov and Ruslan Galkanov. The workshop generated an intensive and professional exchange of opinions centred on energy transit, resolution of disputes and investment protection standards. The discussions were reinforced by practical considerations stemming from perceptions of the ECT existing within Pakistan, which were shaped by concepts such as investment arbitration, energy transit and Pakistan’s own domestic energy security requirements. A separate presentation devoted to an overview of Pakistan’s engagement with the ECT was delivered by Mr Inam Ullah, legal manager with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.