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German Institute for International and Security Affairs, hosts Expert Talks on Global Energy Challenges

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP) hosted Expert Talks on the topic of Global Energy Challenges on 12-13 September 2017 in Berlin. The panel was packed with experts ranging from IEA, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs, European Commission, Energy Charter Secretariat, and industry leaders such as BP, Volkswagen, Wingas, and ENAGAS. The conference explored ways to adapt and encourage sustainable energy development in the transport, manufacturing and electricity generation sectors. 

Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák presented on the historic evolution and expansion of the Energy Charter Process. He articulated how the Energy Charter Treaty can provide solutions for the future global energy transition by providing protection for new investments worldwide. If the world is to adhere to the Pairs Agreement, the bulk of financing must come from private investors, and the Treaty is designed specifically to encourage investment in countries that would otherwise be unable to attract the amount needed to reach the targets put forth in the Paris Agreement. 

Later in the day, the Secretary General visited the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy to consult about the current affairs and the progress on the Modernization.


See Dr Rusnák’s presentation here