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EU28 Energy Diplomacy meeting takes place in Budapest

On the 29 May, 2017 in Budapest Hungary, the International Energy Charter's role in Global Energy Governance was presented for EU28 diplomats at the European External Actions Service (EEAS) 7th Energy Diplomacy meeting. Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák presented on the topics of modernisation and the Diplomatic Dialogues initiative. 

In his presentation Dr Rusnák explained how the Diplomatic Dialogues initiative is aiming to provide a structured platform for an exchange of views and experiences between energy diplomats. The one-day Energy Dialogues event is planned to be organised back-to-back with the regular meeting of the EU28 energy diplomats in Autumn 2017. This thought provoking initiative is set to be introduced to the Energy Charter Strategy Group on the 7th of June 2017.

The Secretary General also met with Dr Mikola István, state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Hungary). During the meeting Dr Rusnák was further able to elaborate on the details of the proposed event, and Dr István expressed support and is looking forward to enhancing cooperation between the Energy Charter Secretariat and the Government of Hungary.