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Energy Charter work on energy efficiency praised by recent report of UNECE

A Recent report of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)  acknowledges the important contribution of Energy Charter activities within the Protocol for Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA) to identifying best practice energy efficiency policy options for national governments. 

“Through the implementation of PEEREA, the Energy Charter provides its member countries with a menu of good practices and a forum in which to share experiences and policy advice on energy efficiency issues.”

Analysing the work of a number of organisations (including  IEA, WEC and APEC) on  reviewing countries’ progress in energy efficiency policies implementation, the report notes that “PEEREA policy review processes have much to offer countries seeking to identify effective energy efficiency policy options for their particular situations. They are a useful option for further regional co-operation actions on energy efficiency policies in the ECE region. “

The report further commends ECE member States that are not IEA or EU members to continue being actively involved and support an ongoing PEEREA energy efficiency policy peer review process “as a concrete option for collaborative learning” and “useful engage in a process of exploring and identifying policies that will work well in the countries in those region.”