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Energy Charter Secretariat meets with Swiss authorities and participates at a Conference hosted by the World Trade Institute

In Bern, Switzerland on 19-20 June, the Energy Charter Secretariat took part in a conference hosted by the World Trade Institute (WTI). The event titled; 'Is a Multilateral Investment Treaty Needed?' and was attended by more than 80 people. The conference was divided into four sessions: Background, the EU Proposal, The Relationship with Existing Treaties, and Future Steps. 

Ms Iryna De Meyer, the Secretariat’s representative spoke about the Energy Charter Treaty as an existing sectoral multilateral investment agreement. Particular emphasis was made on the modernization and expansion efforts of the Energy Charter Process. The event closed with a discussion and policy roundtable that included Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder (IISD), Ricardo Meléndez Ortíz (ICTSD), Corinne Montineri (UNCITRAL), Pierre Sauvé (World Bank), and Elisabeth Tuerk (UNCTAD). 

On the second day of the mission the Secretariat met with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) regarding the ongoing activities of the International Energy Charter and had productive discussions regarding these topics. 

Later in Geneva, a meeting took place with the Counsel of Advisory Centre on WTO Law, to discuss possible areas of mutual interest, including cooperation in the framework of the Energy Charter training.