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Energy Charter Secretariat completes fact-finding mission to Pakistan for the Energy Investment Risk Assessment report

On 6-7 June 2017, a team of officials from the Energy Charter Secretariat (ECS) conducted a fact-finding mission to Islamabad, Pakistan, as part of the Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) initiative, which covers a range of countries. The mission was hosted by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, government of Pakistan. The ECS team held a number of meetings in the context of the fact-finding mission, engaging stakeholders from, amongst other government agencies, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Water and Power and its subdivisions, the Board of Investment under the Prime Minister’s Office. The ECS team also visited with legal experts and other stakeholders engaged in the energy sector. Questions relating to energy sector risk analysis in Pakistan were addressed and discussed in substantial detail during the mission.

Pakistan has been an observer country to the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) for over a decade. The EIRA mission to Islamabad was closely linked to discussions held during a workshop on Pakistan’s possible accession to the ECT, which was held in the days prior.