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Energy Charter delegation participates in the Second Ministerial Roundtable "The Role of Renewable Energy in Energy Security"

The role of renewable energy in energy security was the topic of the Ministerial Roundtable, which took place on 18 January 2015 during the 5th IRENA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi.

Ministers and high-level officials from more than 50 delegations discussed how to better integrate renewables into existing and new energy security policies, taking careful considerations to ensure reliability, resilience and quality of national energy systems. During the debate, the role of the Energy Charter Treaty was highlighted as a instrument to ensure a favourable investment climate and a fair regulatory framework for renewable energy investment.

The benefits of multilateral cooperation within the Energy Charter Process and the International Energy Charter were the main topics of discussion between Secretary General Dr. Rusnák and ministers and heads of IRENA delegations during the two-day Assembly (17-18 January 2015). More than 18 bilateral meetings were held with representatives of African, Asian, European, North and South American countries.