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Energy Charter Conference adopts the Tokyo Declaration

At its 27th Meeting held on 25 November 2016 in Tokyo, the Energy Charter Conference adopted the Tokyo Declaration on the Energy Charter (in English and Russian) with attendance of 68 countries and 9 international organisations, including 33 ministerial-level participants.

It welcomed the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Energy Charter Process and acknowledged that: 

  • the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) has become even more important as an instrument to provide a sound legal basis for ensuring and promoting stable and sustained investment in the energy sector. 
  • promoting the development and improvement of a favorable investment climate in the energy sector under the framework of the ECT and the International Energy Charter contributes to stable energy supply, energy access, increased use of clean energy and the further promotion of energy efficiency.
  • the ECT has the great potential to further contribute to promoting sustainable energy at global level and to strengthening global energy security by extending the application of its legal framework to an increasing number of the countries.