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Energy Charter Conference adopts the Ashgabat Declaration

The Energy Charter Conference adopted the Ashgabat Declaration (in English and Russian) at its 28th Meeting held on 28-29 November 2017 under the chairmanship of Turkmenistan. The Conference was attended by delegates of 52 countries from different regions of the world and 10 international organisations. The Ashgabat Energy Charter Declaration will serve as a strategic mid-term document leading up to the next review which will be undertaken in 2019, in accordance with Article 34(7) of the Energy Charter Treaty

The Declaration acknowledges the importance of the modernisation of the Energy Charter Process in order to strengthen long-term co-operation in the energy field and contribute to enhancing energy security. The Energy Charter Process should reflect new developments and challenges in international energy markets by addressing the following five strategic areas: 

  • Facilitating investment, preventing and managing investment related disputes;
  • Continuing to broaden and deepen membership of the Energy Charter Treaty;
  • Improving energy security through strengthened international cooperation to guarantee energy transit and facilitate trade;
  • Promoting regional energy cooperation on the basis of the principles of the International Energy Charter and Energy Charter Treaty;
  • Modernising the Energy Charter Process.