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13th Meeting on Regional Energy Cooperation Asia (RECA) Gets Underway In Hong Kong

A three day conference on the topic of - Regulation of Energy Investments along the “Belt and Road” - started on 23 February in Hong Kong. The event brings together leading experts from governments, academia and business to exchange views on the policy objectives of the “Belt and Road” initiative and its implications for Central Asia, Russia and the European Union. 

Energy Charter Assistant Secretary General Dr Masami Nakata, delivered a speech in the opening session,  stressing the role of the International Energy Charter in promoting multilateral energy cooperation and its relevance for the objectives of the “Belt and Road” strategy. Dr Alejandro Carballo Leyda, Legal Council, and Mr Kanat Botbaev, Transit expert, contributed to various sessions of the conference and panel discussions on multilateral frameworks for energy cooperation, dispute resolution and energy transit.